Hector's Auto Repair Full Service, 3410 N Prospect St. Colorado Springs, CO 80907, Tel 719 492 7070
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We will survey your vehicle and submit a budget , after your approval , we will proceed to service your vehicle for:

* Routine maintenance
Oil change - fluid levels - air filters - belts - houses - radiator - ignition wires - cables - battery - spark plugs - tire rotation - shocks - brakes ware - exhaust - signal lights - headlights/HID - interior lighting - electric windows

* Repair services for gas or diesel vehicle
Engine overhauls - block and head cylinders - valves - timing - injection system - gas and diesel pumps - water pumps - radiators - automatic and shift gearboxes - transmission front, rear and 4 wheel drive

These days the safety, comfort and control systems are very important in the modern vehicles. More and more sophisticate elements incorporate in the newer models every year.

We will check all these elements to assure that are working correctly for you.

Do not hesitate to ask us all the questions that you estimate convenient related to the maintenance of your vehicle.

Call us (719-492-7070) and make an appointment, we will try to accommodate your appointment as best we can for your own convenience.